Feelings back. Back in Naples.

It’s a movie.

Coincidences. No real stuff.

Just nervous for the stories, the responsability. All this moving around.

Weather. People. Warm. The warmest ever.

I felt weird this time.

I’m open minded. No restrictions.

Got the appointment. Le jouce sain fete.

Let’s go and get ready for it.

October when I met those guys. It feels like I always known this people.

Interests build the world. Fair enough.

Fair. Vinyl records fair. Never enough.

I’m so clumsy. Panic.

What a lovely smell. My fav smell.

Start digging records e got framed. It’s fine.

Gary his name. Great point of view. Delicate collector not a vinyljunkie like me.

The professor is talking, metal. No way.

In a couple of minutes He found his gems. Two rarities. I’m still at home.

Speaking. Music. Other users from vinylcommunity.

I’m in Italy from three months. It looks like an eternity.

Well comed in any corner of this place.

People recognize me. C’mon I can’t believe. As gift stickers of my logo. It never happened to me.

Coffee break. Her.

Talking with her friend : ” He got a followed page “, pointing at me.


” Who? What?

Are you the girl who take pics in the dark ??? ” I said.

Nice to meet you. I thought you were from Norway or Sweden.

Anyway nice to meet you.

” My name is Leila ”

Oh nice one. She looks really nice.

Meet the manager. He got the English R. Cool is fine. His name is Bruce.

It’s time to watch a movie.

Yes a movie in the record fair. Well known actors talking about the vinyl come back.

I thought I was the only crazy who believed and still trust in this piece of plastic. Hypnotic. Turning and turning with design and graphic really actual also if they are 50 years old.

Salute. See you.

Napoli, historic centre.

Coffee, smell of coffee everywhere. Coffee, food, history and records. My day.

I met around 1000 people in one month but barely I remember the names of 10.

That’s what I need. Kind of feelings.

Far away from a feel but it’s a start.

Great. I’ll be on air on Saturday.

Run in the shop to make a custom t-shirt for that day.

I’m full of anxiety. Yes no way. I need to make it happen.

A movie. On Naples. Noir. Shooting. A sound track. I don’t remember this track. But fucking hell. I just listened 3 seconds without watching the tv.

The accident erased all my feelings.

But why I’m crying? There is no reason. Did this song awake my feelings?


It’s from 97. I was 12.

I don’t want remember. I keep the feeling going.

This time there will be no alarm and no surprises.

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