“ One for the road “

Leaving Brighton.

Grey and heavy rain. Can’t wait to get home.

” Suck it and See ” is in my bag. Nice chat with an unknown girl, I’m just waiting for my train.

Start to put down some ideas to how make a blog.

There is a silence in the station I have never heard..

16 years old girl listen music from the phone with black curly hair is next to me, she is handing an umbrella quite big and a shopper bag.

Struggling taking the phone from her pocket the earphones unplug and a song “start ” : Arabella got a seventies head but she is a modern lover…

Nice song and rhythm.

Train is finally on the edge. Take a seat but my ideas on the blog doesn’t start.

I love Cinemas but I’m more fancy of home movies and series.

At the moment I was watching ” Bates Motel ” just finished the season 2.

Got at home have a dinner with Bates Motel and its third season.

You know guys I am Italian and I’m still watching UK tv with subtitles.

Maybe I am too lazy and sometimes tired to keep concentrate on the listening.

Dylan is in the car and I display ” Arctic Monkeys R U mine?.

I thought it’s time to complete the collection.

AM is missing so tomorrow I will go straight away to my fav record store and ask for it. Maybe they have used ( I love used vinyl ).

Nope. No one sell Arctic Monkeys album to the local record store.

I should get it new. It’s okay.

I love Arctic Monkeys.

Listened twice. Three times.

The Arctic Monkeys album belongs to me. To my life.

Maybe the same age with the band components. Music influences.

From Do I wanna know? and the end of the parties with ” Leather jacket collars pop like antenna “, Pretty visitors, Old yellow bricks, Brianstorm, I wanna be yours.

It’s one year I did not decided yet what is my fav song. Maybe I will. Maybe not.

Meanwhile the last picture waiting for the part six.

A bearded drink.

One for me.

One for you.

One for the road.

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