It’s not an advice, not a suggestion. It’s a must.

Try, always try.
Brighton is getting quite cloudy.
Lots of stores to visit and no time.

It’s time to enter the offbeat shop. Punker Bunker. Only the name it has already attract my attention. No! It’s closed.
It’s starting to get cloudy a lot.

I don’t find the two libraries stores. Library because they look like one.
One is new the other has old records.
Starting to get lost and the rain falls down.

Pop into the RareKind Record store. Amazing.
Hip Hop a gogo. Groove, also the owner looks and speaks like American.
It’s not my genre but let’s dig something.
Gorillaz Demon Days for 12,99 it’s definitely mine.
Exit the shop and start the route for the last record store.
The rain is heavy and I am completely wet.

Pop in Resident Music.
The Indie section is far from the entrance.
Here. Got there.
Start browsing the titles. Next to me a brown hair pretty girl on her 25 looking for something.
” She is looking for some record really important, between rush and determination ” I thought
She hits me and without look at me said ” sorry, I am quite struggling ”
” It’s okay ” I replied.
Again with loud voice ” But where is ?”
Pretending to ignore her, I look towards her and see the record She is holding in her hands. ” Lana del Rey, Born to Die ” .
” Cool I like Lana ” I thought.
Again She said ” It was here couples of hours ago, where is now ??? ”
” Maybe They sold out ” I reply.
” I am going to ask to the owner now ” She said.
” Okay, Good Idea ” I replied.
But She did not move from there.
” Nope, It’s better I don’t go because it’s quite closure time so ” ..She murmured ..

” I never find what I am looking for ..Why why why ?  She start to talk loud.
Smile on my face.

” Do you want a coffee ? ” I asked.
She quickly said ” Yes I am going to pay , meet you outside “.
I go toward the till and pay for my record.

I love the record bag you carry all the way go home. You take care like a baby.
She was doing that. Amazingly.
Start chatting sitting on a table with a super mega hot cappuccino.
Questions on questions She starts to talk about her ideas on musics, travel, storytelling, photography and fashion. Not the usual ideas. The trend one. Someone can have some in their mind but it’s not for all. Not the mainstream.
Really interesting.
When I asked her Did you start to blog on your travel?
The answer is nope.
” About the photography ? ” I asked
” Not yet, there is a lot of work to do ” She replied
” Well so, I can see your taste in fashion maybe you started that ? ” I asked.
” Well as you can see lots of people do it, the web is full of that stuff ”
The coffee is nearly finished.
” Let’s say goodbye. Maybe you ‘ll meet around or in a shop ” I thought.
” Well see you then ” She exclaimed.
” Bye ” with a bright smile on my face.

I definitely was amazed about all the ideas she had in her mind.
She inspired on my blog, on my record collection that is filling my life ( hobbies talking )

She starts to walk away from me and I was still look at her with the hope she will turn and look at me.
I opened the bag and lift the record over my head.
She turned. She saw the records. I wish she got the message.

” Suck it and See ”

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