The joke. Let’s have a spin of my propeller

The AM mania is starting to surround me.

I can’t say no.  4 Guys on bus? In the street at night.

What are they doing?

Attractive also the part three. The Humbug, the joke.

Time to dig. Sunny day as usual. ( If there is no sun there is no digging )

Love this city, plenty of record store and charity where you can always find gems.
The commercial and trendy, The elegant and raffinate, the historic, the anti conformists and the library, the library 2.0, groove one and the amazing Resident.

Those are the names I gave to the 7 record store I have been in Brighton.
Different one each other from style, contents, look and music genre.
I did not visit the FleaMarket yet. I will do very soon.

The commercial and trendy – Vinyl Revolution
A pink sign and a mannequin on the floor
Everything is brand new and it looks amazing.
Pop in and found a great selection of 80/90 selection of records.
Turntables, mugs, aprons ..Wow Wonderful.
The music is still alive.
Other 6 records to visit not too much time.

Bella Union – The Elegant and Raffinate
Pop in this record store, Warm with soft lights. On the wall the White Duke.
A vertical turntable… Wow I have never seen one. Amazing.
Great selection of punk/ indie records.
Unfortunately I haven’t got a lot of time.
Let’s find another one.

The historic – The record Album store
George, a wise and shy man (around 80 yo ) , after I entered the shop He tells me : ” The music you are looking for is down there ”
” Okay, Thanks Sir ” I replied and
I was a bit surprised. ” How does he know about my fav genre? ” I thought.
Let’s see
Start to dig into the crate, Depeche Mode, Pearl Jam, Simple Minds, The Smiths.
While I was looking for something I did not know yet, The owner got close to me and says ” Look here, I’m sure you will love it ”
I turn my head and look what he was showing me.
Suspiria on vinyl by Dario Argento.
” He also know I am Italian now ” I thought.
” Wow I am fancy of Dario Argento ”
” The sound of your Okay already showed me your Italian pronounciation “.
Smile on my face.
” I love Italian cinema ” He said.
” I am a Horror lover and the Neorealism of Pasolini, I did study at university for a while”
I replied and start to think this conversation it’s getting really interesting, but let’s no start to talk about pizza and mandolin like usual.
” There is an actress, Italian actress from the south. She is not a woman, She is a woman and a half. ”
Smile and satisfaction on me. ” Maybe is English way to compliment , we Italian say It’s two women, but it’s okay listen him ” I thought.
” Sophia Loren, What a wonderful woman ” He said.
I was starting to crying.. and said ” I am from Naples “.
” I love that city and I have never been, I wish one day I will go there. I can’t miss it “.
The day was quite ended. I need to go back home. But I got other three shop to visit.

I can’t tell you guys anymore.
But I will in the next article of Brighton and its record store.
I can’t tell you because go and exit from the shops is a my passion.
A thing you can’t do without.
My obsession.
My propeller and it spins.

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