The dirty little Herbert was thinking an escape…

Freedom or control ?!?

Why not both. Because You can’t  little Herbert.

Here watching the smart TV. Get on Youtube. The algorithm show up a group of clown with instruments.
” Always the usual clip on the platform to get likes ”  I thought.
Let’s play it.

AHAHAHAHAHA what a geeks this guys..
Still them? The Arctic Monkeys? OMG.

Nice song.. Let’s get the Album. 2 of 2.. It did not happen since ” What’s the glory morning Story ” by Oasis.

Is that Brianstorm or Brainstorm?
For sure is a guy named Brian with a combination of T-Shirt and Tie.. An Innovator ironically said by A.Turner.
But then a lyric remind me Duran Duran with Save it for the morning after.

” They have always something to say ” I thought. I can’t believe that.

The 505.. Do you know what is a 505?
It’s something that is keeping you alive and killing you simultaneously.

Maybe in this album they show a little bit of sadness but with a rhythm like that it’s hard to reckon it.
” Who want sleep in a city that never wakes up ? ”
The nostalgia took me bad in the UK after the first 2/3 months.
Oz Wizard and Dorothy was right tough.

Maybe It’s too close to the Brink.

20 geeky fact about the Arctic Monkeys credit to NME

1 – Intriguing continuity alert: explaining ‘Humbug’’s title, Alex Turner said it was named after the hard boiled sweet. He said, “You’ve got to suck it and see”. Two years on, ‘Suck It And See’ is also the name of their new album.
2 -The original singer in the band was Glyn Jones, a fellow student at Stocksbridge High. Alex Turner was too shy to take the mic at first.
3 -When Alex Turner moved to Brooklyn, what did he say he missed about the UK? ”Friends and people of course. But crumpets. You can’t really get that, can ya?,” he said.
4 -Influences on ‘Suck It And See’ included country music’s Johnny Cash, George Jones and Patsy Cline.
5 -The first gig Alex Turner ever went to was The Vines in Manchester. He said he was inspired by frontman Craig Nicholls.
6 – The band seem to be fans of The Wizard Of Oz. Not only does ‘Old Yellow Bricks’ end with the line ‘Dorothy was right though’, the band dressed as characters from the film for the Brit Awards in 2007.
7 -Alex Turned was named the 16th ‘Richest Brit Under 30’ last year, with a fortune of £7.5 million, just below Cheryl Cole and Amy Winehouse.

8 -Jamie Cook worked as a bathroom tiler as late as May 2005. Once he returned from a sold out tour to complete a tiling job.
9 -The first track Josh Homme heard of ‘Humbug’, before agreeing to produce the majority of the album, was a demo of ‘Dance Little Liar’.
10 -In 2008, former bassist Andy Nicholson opened his first pub ‘The Bowery’ in Sheffield. Matt Helders said he’s like to follow suit, opening a pub called ‘The Cautious Horse’.
11 -Radiohead’s Thom Yorke hit out against the band’s success, saying: “The fact that (the) poor Arctic Monkeys are getting so much attention is purely based on the fact that the mainstream music business is such a bunch of fucking retards as far as I’m concerned.”
12 -We don’t think the band were bothered. Matt Helders said he once ‘nearly fell asleep at the wheel’ after listening to a Radiohead album.
13 -Of his songwriting process behind ‘Humbug’, Alex Turner said: “I wrote a lot during the middle of the night. I’d wake up, jot things down, then get back to sleep. And some of them became songs about that time of day, when you’re not as alert.”
14 -The Kills’ Alison Mosshart helped write (and provides backing vocals for) ‘Humbug’s ‘The Fire And The Thud’.
15 -Matt Helders has been known to write messages on electrical tape and tape them to his bass drum instead of a band logo. Phrases he has written include: ‘Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm’, ‘The Funk Might Fracture Your Nose’ and ‘Agile Beast’.
16 – ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ was co-written by Alex Turner’s then girlfriend Johanna Bennett. It was penned when the two were on a Mediterranean holiday. The two were reminiscing about characters they knew at school.
17 – When asked why he got Alex Turner to write songs for his film Submarine, Richard Ayoade said (with a large dose of sarcasm): “It was him or Jay Kay (or Jamiroquai). It actually came down to a coin toss in the end. It was the only fair way to do it.”

18 – The band recorded a version of Shirley Bassey’s ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ while appeared on the Domino compilation ‘All The Rage’.
19 -Jamie Cook still plays for his local team, Packhorse FC.
20 -Alex Turner allegedly has the name of poet ‘John Cooper Clarke’ tattooed on him.

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