Because their minds are made up and of course it’s all okay to carry on that way..

No more romance with minds made up minds.
Between ringtones and sneakers..
Those guys remebered me my twenty.. SmS, the social life on the streets. The little things we usually did with no money.

I did not know them. Absolutely till 1 year ago.
Watching’ the Voice of the UK showed up a guy singing something about ” Your name isn’t Rio but I just don’t care for the sand “..

” Is that a Duran Duran lyric? ” I asked to myself.

Maybe not.

Went for a dig in Brighton in a shop really cool plenty of new stuff ( Great titles).

I don’t usually go digging in that one but let’s do that.

” What’s this album ?”

Just a guy smoking.

” Aah Arctic Monkeys ” The same guys recall the Simon Le bon and company song.


They start to appear around me.

Destiny. I must buy this album.

It looked like made by young boys like me. Simple. Just music. No effects, no special effects on the album cover. Neither the sleeves that show just random pictures of the High Green group.

Place the disc on the turntable.

Needle on.. Rock!

Maybe punk revival.

” I wanna see you take the jackpot out the fruit machine and put it all back in,

You’ve got to understand you can never beat the bandit no “.

That’s my boy.

Love this lyric.

Listened one, then twice, I can’t stop.

I am passionate about vintage and photography and browsing on more common market platform I saw a cover album with a Polaroid shot write on ” Who fuck are the Arctic Monkeys?”.

Obvious If now I write here that I asked my self ” Do I wanna Know ? ” is quite silly.

I did not want to know.

I just listened till today what they had to say. And it’s amazing.

Before to start this project I became fan of the Arctic Monkeys..

And the last group I have been fun of were ” The Cure ” but I was only 6 yo.

Personally the discover of the Arctic Monkeys became a great passion.

A certain Romance… but this is my view from the afteroon

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