The spark, the purple and the rain

Rainy Rain.
The skylight grey. Cold feet but it’s a day off so Let’s dig out something.
Little London is a way where you can think that England is still real.
Clock hanging on the wall, red bricks, old clothing shoppe and the enormous quantity of useless shop that allow you to kill the time.
Cards, custom towels, chocolate. That’s not my call.
Carry on with my walk, all the new technologies show up on me : e cigs, computer, smartphones but ” Look there, a light ”
The retro vintage store. Postcards, old magazines, random pics of people unknown.
VINYL RECORDS – metal one, with no sleeves. Classic music, Beethoveen, Chopin.
Not my call again.
My feet now are two ” freddolone ” but I’m decided.

A Place called The Time Machine attracts my attention. 10 small rooms. In two sides.
A giant Sex Pistols poster tells me I’m in the right place.
A tiny record store but plenty of records and music newspaper, t-shirts.
1£ records, I love 1£ records. I always find something cool.
Not the usually popular English music you can find in the charities like national anthems or war songs.
Diana Ross, The amazing Rod Stewart, The Carpenters , The pretenders. I want them all. Don’t have too much space at home otherwise I already invested 10/20 quid for the one pound records.
David Bowie and Placebo records remind me the record store day 2017.
I love the smell of this shop. Ancient, used, LIVED.

Next the till, where the owner looked at me with a 34teeth smile, a crate.
The real one. Maybe Oak. New arrivals.
The same record I see in the 1£ box. ” Blondes have more fun” by Rod Stewart. Okay it’s mine.
It’s persecuting me.
The third record. A gem.
A gem for the crate diggers is a records that everybody would like to get at that price.
Live, in spark vinyl.
Purple Rain.
Prince says : ” When there is blood in the sky. Red and Blue is Purple
Purple Rain pertains the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith guide you through the purple rain “.

My faith in my project and my supporters will guide me through the digital world.

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