Tito’s will – Eng

So ” The words are very unnecessary ”
I can’t stop. Digging relax me and satisfy me as fuck.
Take the train and back to city centre.
Coffee, stall and the amazing author of the Inferno.
Always thought I miss Naples but everytime i return in this city teardrop come from my eyes.
I’m happy. I feel like a tourist in my city and there is no wonders sensation.

The arch and sampietrini, the sun that bright on. Smiling people.
Load of books. Their smell remind me the used vinyl around the 70s and 80s ( 90s smells different).

Smell of food, coffee and antiques.
San Sebastiano ” A vije ‘de musicisti ” ( musician way). People playing metal riffs trying a new guitar.

Here it is. Two floors shop. More vinyl upstairs is the first sign I look.
Whoa. Impact. Never saw loads of records like that.
Crimson, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin on the wall.
5 euros and 10 euros offers vinyl : Cool.
Let’s dig.
” What is this swastika on this cover album ? ” I thought.
Friggin’ in the rigging’.
The Venus Ship. It’s mine absolutely.

The shop owner broke the silence : ” If you like this kind of music we got another room “.
” Really ? Where ? ” I said.
” Next to the shelf ” He pointed it.

It didn’t look like a room. Old building and really tight door. Maybe It was not a door but just a hallway to get in the next room.
The room was really old fashioned, lots of turntable, radios, cassettes player and tonnes of records.
The smell was the good one.
Three hours, Yes three f***ing lovely hours later. I started to think I was dreaming. I lost orientation.
2 days was in Manchester. I’m still there or I came back in Naples.
” In 15 minutes we shut down for the lunch, You can come back later if you want ” The shopowner said.
I was shocked. Completely forgot in Italy there is the lunch break.
” Okay then, I’m going but I will be back as soon as possible “.
Pop out from this shop with no records. I can’t believe.

” I must be more quick ” I thought.

Walk down the road I was going toward the University I used to go.
” Tattoo records ”
I don’t need to enter. Most of records are already outside.
Let’s dig.

The third album. De Andre’ – La Buona Novella.

Il testamento di Tito
Digging sends me messages.
Digging tells me the life.
Digging shows me how to do in my life.

” Non Avrai altro Dio all’infuori di me ”  ( You will have no god but me )

That god is Napoli.

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