Adios Warm and Freezing Manchester

It’s time. Need to leave.First time I fly from Manchester. People easy going.
The sun is waiting for me. Naples with all the flea market in any corner. Could they have records? ” I did ask to my self “.

The city centre has got many vintage clothes shops and usually vintage clothes and vinyl are paired.

Flea Market. I saw a gramophone and by side my lovers vinyl records. Got close to the stall and start to do the thing make me relax. DIGGING. There were around 80 records; Spanish popular songs, classics, neomelodics and the always present Tina Turner.
The stall owner shout ” Guaglio’ Damme 30euro e pigliatell tutt quanta ”  ( 30 pound and you can take them all).
Smile on my face and carry on with digging.
The business man repeat shouting but really softly ” Guaglio’ nun perdere o’ Tiempo, C’e sta tanta robba ca the piace “. ( Don’t waste your time I can assure you will like the albums , son ).
Doubt face .

” Cmon let’s trust him. Why does he should beg me ?”
” How does he know my tastes in music ” I thought.

Naples is a city between creativity and hospitality.  People always know what to say and in the right way to do.

” Okay Sir, deal “.

I’ll go back home after this. Only one day from the Manchester experience and I’m still digging. Really happy.

It’s time to discover : Tina Turner, Jackson five, Beethoveen, Mozart ( oh f**k I wish will be not all classics). Jethro Tull. Madonna, The Queen is dead ( The smiths)

I immediately though ” Okay well I can stop. With that I recovered all the money I spent ”

10 records belong to an Italian Collection ” La grande storia del Rock ” , Hendrix, Bob Dylan, PFM, Janis Joplin, David Bowie all remastered and with no original cover but never mind. I don’t care.

The carton box is going to be empty, at the back already notice there are a lots of metal discs maybe aged 20 or 30 with audio stories.
Black cover with a flower in the middle I pick it.

Start the silence in all my lounge room. All the noise of paper squeezed, cars and birds stopped. Like the earth around me was telling me enjoy this moment.
When the words are very unnecessary

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