Leaving Manchester

Got Sting and Company.
Can’t wait to listen ” Can’t stand losing “.
Thinking about leaving this cool place that reminds me Naples.
Walking on the Main Street plenty of people, musician and shoppers.
” Oh my god, This Kiosk has got Kimbo’s coffee, I can’t believe it ” I said.
Coffee and records ” Wow, It’s fantastic pair these two pleasures of the life “.
Another Charity Shop, another dig.
45 rpm, tonnes of records without cover.
” That’s a Virgin Record, the cover looks like a loads of Celtic crosses” I thought.
I pick it. Simple Minds.
Love this song. Remind me tripping to our Holidays house not so far from Parthenope.
That was not a song but a message from a city that deserve to be visited again.
Punk, Post-Punk, Depression all the people there seems to be artists, from trendy fashion to the easygoing way to be.
Warm but shy, rainy but cool.
I hate rain, but here does not make you wet.
It’s time, Need to be in the airport in early morning by taxi.
Manchester played one song that night.
It was for me.
It was ” Don’t you ”

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