Let’s start! How has it started.

Manchester. Piccadilly records. Heavy Rain and cold wind as usual in the UK.
Pop in. Outside the shop there was a flyer of Joy Division.
Unknown Pleasure is fxxxing attractive.
Sold out. Oh no. My first record. Vanished.
Ask for availability. Maybe I will not stay so long in Manchester.
” Brand new Unknown Pleasure remastered is 18,99 £ ” the employee said.
” Brand new ” ?? Will it smell of plastic ??
” He confirmed ”
” No way, I left ”
Charity shops are full of vinyl.

It’s impossible They have music I like, I thought.
They have a lovely smell.
Beethoven, Chopin, Nat King Cole, Tina Turner, Jackson family.
” There should be something in all these shops “.
The light is on. It’s not from their car.
The Police.
” Outlandos d’amour ” – BINGO!
I don’t care I haven’t a turntable at home for the moment. I got a lots in Naples. I can wait.

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